The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) has announced that Defence Awarding Organisation electrical military qualifications for the Corps of Royal Engineers will form a route to an Installation Electrician occupation and ECS Registered Electrician status.


You can now apply for the JIB Gold Card if you are a Class 1 Electrician RE and meet the following conditions. For more information about the scheme, visit Individuals have to apply to the JIB direct (the card costs £40 + VAT and is valid for 3 years). You need the qualifications below to apply.


Serial Qualification/Achievement Comments
1 Requirements for Electrical Installations BS7671 (Currently 18th Edition) Achieved on the Class 2 Electricians course. Needs to be current edition in force at application date.
2 DAO Level 4 Diploma in Electrotechnical Studies and Practice (Military Engineering) Achieved on the Class 1 Electricians course.
3 AM2 Assessment This part is currently self-funded, further details of the assessment can be found at
4 ECS HS&E Assessment Full details of the assessment and its availability are on the ECS card website,-Safety-Environmental-Assessment


If you do not have the L4 Diploma then you need to go down the RPL route. This necessitates you following the RE CPD RPL policy which can be found here:


Please read the policy carefully and note the requirements – for example you are asked to provide evidence of course completion (ie JPA), provide a trade CV and complete the relevant DAO matrix form. RE CPD can forward this to you. Note that receipt of the qualification is not ‘guaranteed’ and your success will depend on a well presented application that fully meets the requirement.