Fabricator Welder

Military Engineer (Fabricator Welder)



The Military Engineer (Fabricator Welder) is trained to enable involvement in the full spectrum of fabrication and welding engineering, in workshops and in the field.


ME Fabricator Welder Class 2 Capable of fabricating and forming in steel, Aluminium, copper and brass.

Joining metals using Oxy/Acetylene, Manual Metal Arc and Metal Active Gas, welding processes and cutting using the Oxy/Acetylene process.


ME Fabricator Welder class 1 Capable of fabricating and forming in stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

Joining metals using Oxy/Acetylene, Manual Metal Arc, Metal Inert Gas and Tungsten Inert Gas, welding processes and Cutting using the Plasma Arc process .



Specialist Welder RE, Capable of carrying out certified repairs to bridging equipment’s

Using Metal inert gas welding Non-ferrous and Tungsten inert gas welding Non-ferrous welding processes.



In addition to the Military Engineer qualifications required for promotion the following civilian qualifications will be worked towards:


– At Class 2, Level 2 City & guilds 1782-20 fabrication & welding, 2850-63 technical certificate, functional skills to gain a modern apprenticeship.

– At Class 1, City & Guilds 1782-30 level 3 diploma in welding.

These civilian qualifications run alongside your military qualifications. On successful completion of the course, you will achieve a recognised civilian award.

Many awards offered to serving Royal Engineers – such as National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) – are funded by REVETT and administrated by the RE CPD Team in collaboration with the Army unit concerned.