Search and Munitions

Hazardous Environment Search


The Hazardous Environment Search (HES) is a module within the Royal Engineer Advanced Search course. This allows the trained Search Advisors and Searchers to plan and execute searches in arduous conditions, such as Working in Confined spaces (WICs), Working at Heights (WAH) and working in and around unstable structures.

Once trained students will be able to put the necessary precaution and counter measures in place to enable them to carry out tasks in the various environments. All students are trained to deal with all emergency situations whilst working within the hazardous environment.



In addition to the military HES qualification students gain the following civilian qualifications:

– City & Guilds Level 3 Award in Top Man / Person for High Risk Confined Spaces: Water 500/5291/3
– City & Guilds Level 3 Award in Emergency Rescue and Recovery of Casualties from Confined Spaces: Water 500/5332/2
– City & Guilds Level 2 Award in Working in High Risk Confined spaces: Water 500/5333/4
– NUCO Emergency First Aid at Work

This ensures that the above are covered by military and civil law when carrying out any task within all hazardous environment scenarios.






0805 Elementary Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course.

Those who complete the elementary course are trained to a base level which enables them to safely move around EOD sites and assist the No2 in preparation and maintenance of equipment. Qualification from the 0805 course allows Royal Engineer Sapper’s to deploy in support of EOD operations. They provide support to the Bomb Disposal Officer and EOD No.2 with equipment preparation including Ordnance Locators, S Set for Fuze Immunisation and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.


0804 Intermediate Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course.

The No2 operator acts as the second in command of an CMD team. No2s main responsibilities are overseeing the security of the Incident Control Point (ICP), supporting the EOD operator and controlling the rest of the team. The No2 is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of all EOD team equipment including preparation, loading and deployment of all EOD weapons. The EOD No.2 is trained to a level where he can fully appreciate the situation presented to the Bomb Disposal Officer and recover them safely in the event of an emergency.



The 0805 and 0804 units contribute towards the achievement of a level 2 NVQ dealing with the search and/or disposal function relating to Munitions.


These civilian qualifications run alongside your military qualifications. On completion of the course, you will achieve a recognised civilian award.

Many awards offered to serving Royal Engineers – such as National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) – are funded by REVETT and administrated by the RE CPD Team in collaboration with the Army unit concerned.