The Military Engineer (Surveyor Engineering)




The Military Engineer (Surveyor Engineering) is trained in all aspects of engineering surveying, from collection of survey data using manual data capture methods to complex alignment designs utilising the latest surveying software. Surveyors are required throughout the construction process; from the collection of existing site data, through the design phase to the setting out of the proposed design and the final ‘as-built’ check of the new construction.  Surveyors work in varied and challenging environments, collecting and working with survey data to assist the Royal Engineers on projects, sites or on operations.  The surveyor engineer profession is recognised as an excellent feeder trade for the Clerk of Works (Construction) course.




In addition to the Military Engineer qualifications required for promotion the following civilian qualifications will be worked towards:


– At Class 2, Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Survey (Military Engineering).

– At Class 1, Level 5 Diploma in Engineering Survey (Military Engineering).


These civilian qualifications run alongside your military qualifications. On successful completion of the course, you will achieve a recognised civilian award.


Many awards offered to serving Royal Engineers – such as National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) – are funded by REVETT and administrated by the RE CPD Team in collaboration with the Army unit concerned.