All serving, regular Royal Engineers are members of the Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE) and as such are entitled to pursue professional registration as Engineering Technicians (EngTech) through InstRE and via RECPD.

Information about EngTech, guidance for the application process, application paperwork and the evidence required can all be found at:


To be successful, applicants should have achieved Class 1 in any of the Corps Trades, have successfully completed a PNCO cadre, served as a LCpl for a minimum of one year and provide a letter of recommendation from their OC. Further to this they will have to provide a printout of their JPA competencies page and copies of any relevant engineering certificates. Finally, all applicants must complete a career CV outlining their engineering experience.  Guidance as to format and content can be found in the application form. Professional registration as EngTech is dependent on continuing InstRE membership.

Successful applicants are entitled and encouraged to use the post-nominal letters ‘EngTech MInstRE’.

Separate but similar arrangements exist for the Reserve Army, QGE personnel and those who are no longer serving. Further details are available from the InstRE website www.InstRE.org email admin@InstRE.org or by calling 01634 822371 / 94661 2371.

For more information about Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Chartered Engineer (CEng) status, please email the InstRE Registrar registration@InstRE.org