The Corps is carrying out a detailed review of how its charities operate. RE CPD is currently under the spotlight and is the charity that provides over 40 different qualifications and awards to all members of the Corps. Last year we supported over 1600 Royal Engineers to achieve with either an artisan trade qualification (at both 0-2 and 2-1 levels) or a Professional Recognition Award (all free qualifications) or a distance learning qualification (free money) through the Study Grant/Bursary scheme. In addition, various sports and adventure training activities are also given financial support.


If you could spend a few moments completing the survey (link below) it would really help us to understand what we could do better or how we could improve what we currently offer. The link is here:



Please share widely and encourage everyone to complete it even if they have not used RE CPD. The survey is completely anonymous and should take no more than 3 to 4 minutes to complete. Responses will help inform the future direction of RE CPD and its marketing and communications activity. With your help, RE CPD will continue to serve our soldiers well. The survey is open until midnight 28 June.