How We Spent Our Unit Funds – 101 Engr Regt (EOD&S)

In Aug 20, 25 members of 101 Engr Regt (EOD&S) took part in a 12 week High Performance Coaching Course.  Places were offered on a first come, first served basis with no restriction on rank or experience.  The course is designed and delivered by Lee Evans, former RSM of 24 Commando Royal Engineers who has gained over ten years’ experience as a Certified High Performance Coach and has the ideal background to tailor the course content to dovetail with the Army’s Values and Standards as well as the Army Leadership Code.


Lee Evans, Mindpower Solutions


The course was delivered in twelve one-hour sessions via Zoom with each week having a different theme.  COVID-19 notwithstanding, the ability to attend a course like this virtually is perfect for a geographically dispersed regiment such as 101.  During each session we have the ability to enter break-out rooms in groups of four or five to discuss the learning points brought out in the main session.  The course is attended by a mix of regular, reserve and FTRS members of the regiment ranging in rank from Sapper to Major, and it is the opportunity of sharing this blend of experience and backgrounds that I feel is really beneficial.  As the Zoom sessions are recorded, we can revisit them at any time in conjunction with worksheets that are uploaded to a secure area of Lee’s website.



Thanks to the unit funds provided by RE CPD, some regimental funds and a small personal contribution, this course was accessible to all ranks.


WO2 (SSM) J Chatfield

579 Fd Sqn (EOD&S)