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In January I decided to continue with my professional development by attending the Security Risk Management Consultants (SRMC) course. Having recently returned from a tour in Nigeria, I had become more interested in the risk side of Operations conducted by the military, particularly journey risk management for the times where we aren’t travelling in armoured vehicles and heavily armed. I had seen the SRMC course advertised and had peers who had also attended the course. As well as the professional qualifications, the 2 week course offers progression to both MBAs and MScs. The considerable cost of the course was kindly subsidised by Royal Engineers Continuous Professional Development (RE CPD), from which I had heard about through the chain of command and social media. A quick look on the website lead me to the helpful Bursary Scheme/Study Grant handbook which explained everything I needed to know. The paperwork was surprisingly easy and quick to fill out considering the grant I was awarded was a generous £600! I can wholeheartedly recommend RE CPD to any serving Royal Engineer, they have enabled me to continue my own CPD whilst in the Corps.

Capt David Lloyd (right of picture)


Mr Pete Lawrence & Captain David Lloyd


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