Having gained a BEng Degree through the Open University prior to starting the Clerk of Works (Mechanical) course, the next logical step was to do a Master’s Degree. I chose an MSc in Building Services Engineering Management with Brunel University.

I found out about the RECPD Bursary/Study Grant through a colleague having spent my previous 12 years of service unaware of its existence.  I also found out that they paid for my Foundation degree! The application process proved to be a relatively simple one and the team were all approachable. Having used the RECPD grant along with one of my ELCAS allowances, this year has only cost me £676, a small portion of the full cost of £3380.

Having successfully completed the first year of my Master’s degree, claiming the money back has been straightforward and simple. I will definitely be using the bursary scheme again and am a big advocate for it within my unit.



SSgt Rachel Cook – 63 Works Gp RE, 170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp


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