Master of Business Administration

Anglia Ruskin University has worked with RE CPD to recognise ICSC (L) and WO CLM learning outcomes in relation to the new fully online MBA. This means

  • a total of 120 (out of 180 credits) are exempt for ICSC(L)
  • WO CLM training and experience meet the MBA entry criteria.

This MBA is a modern, forward-thinking programme aimed at leaders and senior managers in in organisations. It attracts individuals from a number of disciplines, and offers an academic underpinning in recognition of their respective experience and abilities. 

We hope this opens up opportunities to enhance career progression for RE Officers and WOs.

Please see attached the course flyer and Frequently Asked Questions for details of duration, pricing and course content. You can also find us on the dedicated RE landing pages

We are currently inviting application for September 2017. Please call us on 01245 686 707 to inquire. We look forward to hearing from you.

Suparna Ghose

Principal Consultant – Military Engagements

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