Anglia Ruskin MBA In Leadership and Management

The MBA has been devised to provide a comprehensive programme that addresses key leadership priorities for both Officers and Warrant Officers.  It will provide candidates with the skills to lead and manage independently or as part of a team and provide them with the skills to tackle complex and unstructured challenges, as well as the confidence and initiative to make decisions and motivate change.

The course is run by Anglia Ruskin University and is taught in a VLE environment (online).  There is online engagement, assessment activities, and tutor led discussions.

The entry requirements for the online MBA are:

  1. Royal Engineer Warrant Officers – the university has recognised that training and operational experience at WO level meets the general entry requirements of the MBA. You will be required to send us a copy of your JPA as proof of rank at the time of the application.

2. Royal Engineer Officers – those who have successfully completed ICSC (L) will be exempt from 120 PG credits. Please send us evidence of having completed ICSC (L) at the time of application.

The course fees are:               Royal Engineer Officers                                     £3,300

                                                   Royal Engineer Warrant Officers                      £9,900

* Financial assistance can be obtained from both the ELC and The Bursary Scheme but candidates are expected to finance the balance of their study.

Full course information can be obtained from either the MBA Handbook on the contact details below.

Telephone: Degrees at Work +44 (0)1245 686707 or email