I’m Harry: I’m a Sapper Corporal and I’ve just got my Masters’ Degree, while still doing my ‘day job’! RE CPD helped me hugely!

My Master of Science Degree (MSc) was through Leeds University, in Geographical Information Systems to build my trade skills and professional profile. I knew it would be hard graft an it would ‘cost’. I was right on the first count: but the Army and Corps helped ease the ‘pain in the wallet’.

£3000 was paid through Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs), leaving me £5000 to find out of my own pocket. I was going to have to give up some of life’s nicer things.

But there was good news: the Royal Engineers Continuous Personal Development (RE CPD) team had helped fund a colleague’s degree. He said I should apply: so I did.

Through the RECPD team, the process was quick and easy. The team were great to work with and I owe Tracey a big ‘thank you’. I got £1780 of funding (tax free): so, I’m really glad I got in touch.

My MSc cost me far less that I expected and far less that a ‘civvy’ would pay. The course was hard work: but RE CPD funding made it so much easier!

I say to anyone studying or thinking about further education: use your Learning Credits, but also get in touch with RE CPD. The Bursary Scheme is open to any serving Sapper.


Cpl Harry Bogiatjis MSc

For more information and an application form go to