All RE major units were provided with funds in 2020 to encourage a wide range of CPD activities to be undertaken at the discretion of CO’s. For the second year running, £60,000 of RE CPD money was provided in this way. How did you use yours?

Sapper Benjamin Moss from 20 Wks Gp was successful in requesting unit funds to contribute towards flying lessons and would like to pass on his sincere thanks to both RE CPD and his chain of command for the chance to complete refresher training.

“The CPD unit funds allowed me to get back into the air after a COVID-induced grounding. With the money I was able to complete some refresher training and a solo full-stop landaway on the Isle of Wight. The island is an hour away on the car ferry, but only 7 minutes in the Cessna! I will maintain my currency through the winter and plan to complete my cross-channel training next summer.”

Let us help you achieve – think about using RE CPD resources in 2021. Don’t miss out!