Over 470 of you responded to our recent survey. Thanks to all who gave us their views. We have noted your comments and will make changes to improve our service to you in the future. Headline observations and points were the following –


  • High levels of support were expressed for the aims of the charity (97%).
  • Ease of Use of RE CPD was rated at over 90%.
  • Retaining the current organisation of RE CPD was supported (80%) – only 10% wanted it devolved to units and 5% merged with another charity.
  • Satisfaction was expressed both with the product and the service – overall RE CPD was rated as effective and delivering its objectives (<10% felt it had not succeeded).
  • Those who had already undertaken CPD felt that RECPD were helpful and would consider using the charity again (about 85%).
  • RE CPD is well known and understood in the more technical parts of the Corps, but not so much in field engineer units.


Areas for RE CPD to address –


  • A more visible presence ‘on the ground’ at unit level was suggested.
  • The application process for the Bursary/Study Grant and PRA schemes needed to be ‘streamlined’ with less signatures required.
  • There was a need to simplify application forms and to make them ‘online’ if possible.
  • Most Reservists are unsure if RE CPD applies to them, or if/how they can access it.
  • Individuals would like to use RE CPD but many did not know who to speak to. Many wished it was better publicised in their unit.
  • Roadshows were requested to come to the unit in order to publicise what is available.