RPL Success Story

RE CPD approached one of our RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) candidates to get his opinion on the  process. Please see below for Joshua Thorpe’s views.


How did you hear about RE CPD?

Having served at 1 RSME as a Section Commander I attended a handful of presentations laid on by RE CPD.  RE CPD also gave a presentation on my Junior Commanders’ Course in 2016. 

Was the RPL easy to do?

In my last role at 1 RSME I was required to use my trade almost on a daily basis.  This enabled me to tick off all aspects required within the trade matrix. 

Have you used RE CPD before?

I haven’t used RE CPD before but I have friends who have benefited greatly from the services they provide.

Any thoughts/comments using RE CPD?

I would like to thank all at RE CPD that I have dealt with regarding this matter, they were more than happy to help and answer any questions I had about the process.



Could this apply to you? For more information visit: https://re-cpd.org.uk/rpl/