Safe Learning

REVETT and the RE CPD Team are committed to ensuring that all learners, employees and others associated with the organisation are treated fairly at all times.
We have a Safeguarding Policy that links in with the well established Military support structure. A summary of our Corporate Values can be found here .
A Safeguarding Officer within the RE CPD Team can be contacted for advice and guidance via the telephone numbers below. Every effort will be made to keep the identity of an individual who makes a disclosure confidential, at least until any formal investigation is under way.
The following contacts may also be useful for support and guidance on a wide range of issues:
Specific advice on Bullying & Harassment in the Armed Forces
The Army’s confidential support line: UK 0800 731 4880; Germany 0800 1827 395
RE CPD Safeguarding Officer – 01634 822329 or 94661 2329

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