Spring Clean Your CPD

The Easter break combined with the current enforced social distancing and lock down is a great time to identify and act on your own development needs. It’s good practice to do this on a regular, continuing basis. Don’t just think about what you want to do in the immediate future, but look ahead two, three or even five years hence. What do you want to be doing then? What skills and qualification might it be useful to have?

Whatever stage of your career RE CPD are here to help. To that end here are some ideas you may wish to take forward. Why not apply for:

Professional Recognition Award – https://re-cpd.org.uk/professional-recognition-awards/


Study Grant (Bursary) – https://re-cpd.org.uk/the-bursary-scheme/


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – https://re-cpd.org.uk/rpl/




If you have any questions or want help completing an application we’re still open for business. We’re home working for now but can be reached by email using enquiries@re-cpd.org.uk