Continuous learning is an important part of every soldier’s personal and professional development. If you are looking for promotion why not demonstrate that you’ve taken time to develop yourself above and beyond the average? By focusing on this you will stand out from the crowd. And it’s easy to do.


RE CPD can support a huge number of courses and development opportunities – many can be achieved via remote means, and these can provide an excellent opportunity to develop yourself professionally, and enhance your profile.


Take a few moments to ensure you’ve applied for your City & Guilds Professional Recognition Award. They’re open to all Corporals and above. The awards are directly linked to your trade, military experience and CLM achievements. All you have to do is fill in a form and then RE CPD will manage the application and payment process to get you your certificate. Full details are on the website


RE CPD can also advise on how to claim a Study Grant (Bursary) – available to all ranks. Up to £1,000 per year is available for up to three years of study if you meet the scheme requirements. Visit the RE CPD website or email the team for full information on how we can help you achieve.


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