Time was tight, but I enjoyed my business degree. RE CPD’s Study Grant enabled me to fund my degree and convince my wife this was a good idea, given all of our commitments (moving house, a renovation project, a new job and having a baby!). Life was busy and money is always an issue. But it is great when you can get tax-free assistance.


My course offered part-time study, building on my ILM Level 5. My Business & Enterprise Batchelor’s Degree helps me to bring industry approaches to the day job. It’s all about what we Sappers are good at: creativity, innovation, planning and managing organisations. Great skills to develop, but better to have that ‘BA’ to showcase them.


Completing my degree needed real drive to get the job done. But with £2,000.00 from Enhanced Learning Credits and £1,000.00 from RE CPD, the pain on the pocket was minimised and the effort was really worthwhile.


With such great support from the Army and The Corps, why wouldn’t I invest in myself and in my family’s future? What’ll you do with your grant?



WO2 Callum Crowe QMSI C3S 23 Para Engr Regt

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